Cellar Dweller Productions was designed to be a comfortable studio with a great vibe and our clients often let us know just that! The studio consists of a control room, live room and vocal/isolation booth with clear views between each room. The double-wall construction, half inch laminated tempered glass double windows and 300 pound studio doors provide excellent sound isolation between each room as well as from outside noise. Since a good heaphone mix is critical to a good performance, our headphone monitoring system provides the musician with control over their own mix with up to eight submixes.

Each client has access to their own private account on our website where they can access their files including mixes and edits as well as the ability to upload files for their project.

We don’t fool around when it comes to making sure that your sessions are secure. After each session a back-up is made to a mirrored RAID system and after which your tracks reside on three different hard drives. We’ve never had to call a client to tell them their once-in-a-lifetime performance was lost to a hard drive failure and we don’t intend to.